Friday, October 3, 2008

-- Medan Trip (Lake Toba) --

On the second day in Medan - Bandar Baru, we were brought to a newly developed tourist place which is known as 'Pearl of Lake Toba' to view the nice scenery of this famous Lake Toba (it is called Danau Toba in Indonesia). It took us about 2 hours to reach to this place. You wouldn't believe how attractive the scenery is, as if you are looking at an art. Also, the touch of fresh breeze in this place where we hardly find in the city are just priceless for everyone of us.

The first photo I took by my hp camera on the rock. You have to experience it by yourself to know how exciting you will be when you look at this scenery.

The natural creatures which surrond the lake are like the additional touch to this beautiful art.

Another view of this beautiful lake.

I just couldn't stop myself from taking more and more photo on this scene. Haha!

There is another area where we could take another set of photo. Don't you think this is like a piece of drawing? Sorry, I zoom too much and make the photo a bit blur. :-P

Pearl of Lake Toba - a place similar to Cameron Highland where you can get fresh air but you can't find the nicest scenery of Lake Toba in anywhere in Malaysia.


dil said...


i'm google around and found ur pages..

Can u share with me ur travel agent/arrangement plan (place to stay, supir etc)

i'm planning to go there by next year.. appreciate the help..

can email me at

dil said...

oh btw..

i'm malaysian

ŸëŃ ŵiţĥ ♥ ĿŏVз said...

Hi dil,

Sorry for late reply. I think I can't really share the information of travel agent in Medan as I travelled there by the arrangement of my relatives. They brought us around when we were around there. Anyway, wish you enjoy your trip next year. It's a nice place to visit!

Anonymous said...

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