Friday, October 3, 2008

-- Medan Trip (Lake Toba) --

On the second day in Medan - Bandar Baru, we were brought to a newly developed tourist place which is known as 'Pearl of Lake Toba' to view the nice scenery of this famous Lake Toba (it is called Danau Toba in Indonesia). It took us about 2 hours to reach to this place. You wouldn't believe how attractive the scenery is, as if you are looking at an art. Also, the touch of fresh breeze in this place where we hardly find in the city are just priceless for everyone of us.

The first photo I took by my hp camera on the rock. You have to experience it by yourself to know how exciting you will be when you look at this scenery.

The natural creatures which surrond the lake are like the additional touch to this beautiful art.

Another view of this beautiful lake.

I just couldn't stop myself from taking more and more photo on this scene. Haha!

There is another area where we could take another set of photo. Don't you think this is like a piece of drawing? Sorry, I zoom too much and make the photo a bit blur. :-P

Pearl of Lake Toba - a place similar to Cameron Highland where you can get fresh air but you can't find the nicest scenery of Lake Toba in anywhere in Malaysia.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

-- Medan Trip Day 1 --

Last month, my family & I went for a trip in Medan to pay a visit to our relatives. It was such an enjoyable trip and we were able to meet up with several relatives during our trips. Many of my friends are wondering how could I have relatives in Medan, Indonesia, yet I am a Malaysian? The reason was because my mom's grandpa married his second wife who was an Indonesian and there's how our relationship came from. Somehow, I was quite proud to have relatives there as they are so friendly and down-to-earth all the while though some of them are pretty rich. :-P

This is my grandaunt's restaurant and they are selling Nasi Padang. It was newly renovated and built last two years and they had just shifted to this new shop not long ago. The more impresssive thing will be the upper level of this restaurant is actually a nicely design bungalow and my family and I stayed there for two nights.

If you can't find the shop, you will see this signboard right before you reach the restaurant. Hehe.

My grandaunt's great variety of Nasi Padang. It was the famous Nasi Padang Restaurant in Bandar Baru and you normally have to queue up for seats during public holiday.

Toba Cove. We spent FOUR hours to travel from Bandar Baru to this place and unfortunately it was raining and we couldn't really walk around. So, we ended up buying souvenirs there.

The facilities available in Niagara Hotel, the hotel which we visited when we went up to Toba Cove.

Look at the overall living room in the bungalow, isn't it a luxurous design?

A beautiful yellow flowers as another decoration at a corner of the living room, just nice for it!

This is just like an ancient clock and it's very unique. Note there's a OSIM uSqueeze machine beside the clock. Haha~

The next update will be soon available...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

-- IKEA --

Last two weeks, dear and I joined his aunty Amy and his cousin bro -- Victor for shopping at IKEA. It was my first time to pay a visit to this famous home accessories shopping centre and it really amazed in the way that they displayed their various showroom such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office and etc. Dear and I bought a new dustbin because of its nice design and it costs us only RM9.90. We had a lot of desire after the visit because we started to dream that our house will be like this and that after observing those showroom's design. Anyway, let's save up some money and turn this dream to become reality one day... Haha!
We had breakfast in IKEA food court where they provide a special food trolley for customers to carry their multiple breakfast set at the same time. This is such a creative design and makes me think of the Dim Sum restaurant. As for our Fried Bihun, Chicken Wings and 4 cups of free flow coffee cost us about RM30++. Thanks aunty Amy for the treat.

This is the executive chair which suit dear's requirement and I think we are going to purchase it during end of this year. Yeah!~ RM199 Exec Chair... Comfortable and relaxing...

Dear told me that he wants his changing room in this design so that he can view a 100 times whenever he changes his clothes and haa his own 'fashion show' in the bedroom. (As you know he likes to place different pose everytime he went for clothes shopping... :-P)

This is the opposite view of the changing room in which dear wishes to hang and keep all his clothes and garment here. Yeah.. Dear, don't forget about my section ya.. I think this design fulfill my changing room requirement as well. :-P

Sunday, September 7, 2008

-- New Purse from someone special --

On the same day when we went to Wok & Pan Restaurant, dear and I went shopping in Mahkota Parade. In fact, I just came back from Medan not long ago. Dear heard me complaining about my old purse which he bought for me in MNG sale. So, he brought me House of Leather and asked me to choose a new purse for myself. At last, he'd chosen for me and I thought it was too striking as it is red in color. However, after I got it then only I feel that how charm is the purse, just suit me nice! Thank you dear for being so thoughtful!

My new purse. It's not branded but I LIKE IT so much!

-- Wok & Pan --

Last two weekend, dear and I went to Melaka Raya Wok & Pan Restaurant for dinner. We met my brother and his gf in Mahkota Parade before we went to the restaurant, so both of them joined us. The restaurant doesn't look attractive but in fact the food are delicious and fabulous. Go and try it and I bet you will say the same thing.

Fish & Chips. Sorry, I had eaten some chips and that's why it looked so little.

Pork Chop with BBQ sauce. It's nice~